Thursday, November 10, 2011


I've been running alot more these past few weeks to get in shape. It hasn't been easy and most nights I honestly don't want to run. In order to run I needed to have more motivation. What else should I need but getting in shape right? I started looking for running blogs and I came across a amazing one!
One of the first encouraging messages I came across in this awesome blog was "Running is more than being in shape – it’s a mental game. It was super encouraging to read this! If you want to check out her awesome blog do it!

Her journey is amazing and I love her passion for theLord. She ran the New York Marathon to raise money for 26 kids who have nothing in different countries. Here is a little section from her most recent blog. She was having ankle pain during the Marathon, just to catch you up. "Two nights before the race at the Team World Vision dinner Jerry, a local pastor and seasoned marathoner, told me to think of the cross if the pain comes during the race. I began to take myself to this state of mind knowing my pain did not compare to the pain Christ endured nor the pain that so many people go through daily just to survive in oppressed and developing countries."
I thought about this concept myself. I think running 2 miles is the end of the world and I want to quit. She is running 26 miles for kids who have nothing with sharp pains in her ankle, does she quiet? No, she thinks about the Lord and is encouraged! One thing that I love about this journey of me running is that its bringing me closer to the Lord. The process is teaching me so much about myself and about who I am in christ. I love it, just incase you didn't already get that!

One last thing to share, not only am I learning more about who I am and the Lord, but God is blessing me with people who are helping me stay focused. I mentioned to my friend shelby, whom is also super encouraging and loves the Lord, that she should have a running blog. She and I always used to run together when I lived in IL and when i go back she helps me to run. She told me she would not start a blog but she would send me inspiration text messages about running. So here is her inspiration text message:
"Personal running blog text #1: When you feel like you have to turn and go home, make yourself run as fast as you can, get your legs to go. Your legs won't collapse underneath you and you'll feel 1000xs the accomplishment with the same distance." "Thought for the week: God created you to move. Every movement your body makes is a testimony of the life that is within you and the One who created it. He will help you through this run and make you stronger for the next." I love having friends who will help me out along the way! So to anyone who is running or starting to run, you are not alone! I hope to get more of these encouraging little tips and I will share them with you.

I'll end with a sweet bit of knowledge I swiped from another blogpost, "Persevere: to persist in anything undertaken; maintain apurpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement; continue steadfastly."