Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Prayer Request

The loan that my roommate was getting for the house is having some complications. We really need prayer right now about the whole house situation. We already gave our landlord notice, and have tons of stuff packed. I know the Lord will take care of the situation but right now its just hard to see the end result. If you guys could please just pray for this loan process that would be awesome! I have no idea what the Lord will do but He knows best!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Working Out

I used to be so motivated and at times I still can be. I don't know if its because it cold or what...i just don't have any motivation. I need someone telling me everyday, "You need to workout." I worked out last week two days straight, 4 miles total I ran. Now its a new week and I have yet to go to the gym. I want to and plan to most days but then something always gets in the way. Any suggestions?

One thing I have been working on is not drinking soda. I have actually been accomplished this (sort of:)! The first week was hard. I honestly just was not used to not drinking it. My response to most situations is to get a soda instead of water. I must admit, I did cheat one day...but it was on accident!!!I went into subway after i got off work to get a icee. I love icee's! They are my absolute favorite. I normally just get a coke one when i order so that's what i did. I didn't even think anything about it until i arrived at the Christmas party, i was going to. One of the girls said of a coke icee, "I love those but i am not drinking soda." I go, "What...OH CRAP!" :) This did happen a few other times but i caught myself before purchasing the soda. I hope you enjoy this story Jessie! I can already hear you saying, "Oh silly Kayla." :) Well anyways, if anyone has any tips on how to keep me motivated, I would love to hear them!

I think i need a icee maker for Christmas...look how good it looks!! :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Moving, the actual process of getting everything together, stinks! I have gone through alot of stuff and found that most of what I have kept, I don't use. I have become alot more organized these past weeks than I have ever been. The hard part now is to start packing. Jen, my roommate has already started packing. It's not as bad for me though because she has far more than I do. Just so you can see the little progress that has been made, I decided to take a few pictures

This was just a few days after finding out Jen got the house. She was so excited and she went through one of our closets and her bedroom closet. I however have not packed a thing. I've just did more throwing away than anything. I plan to start after everything of mine is organized. If you can't tell there are little index cards with colors on every box. It's all color coded and labeled so we know where they go in the new house. Everything will go where it needs to go and will be easily found. Did I mention my roommate is organized?

We have come so far!!! It will still be awhile before we move but I think this is awesome. :) More to come which makes me very excited!! I will leave you with a verse that i came across this week. It's been getting me through the week.

Let each of you esteem and look upon and be concerned for not [merely] his own interests, but also each for the interests of others. Philippians 2:4

Friday, December 3, 2010


I'm moving! Well sort of moving...moving from my apartment into a actual house. So I guess that really is moving, its just not my own house I'm moving into. My roommate that I'm living with now just bought a house! I will be paying her rent like I already did only living in a house!!! I am so beyond excited about this!!! The back yard alone is amazing and allows me to walk around at night and look at the stars! It's really a must for me because I LOVE stars. The Lord has definitely blessed me with be able to live there. I am truly blessed to have a friend and roommate that loves the Lord!! I love her very much!!!

Okay so back to the house and packing... here are some pictures of the house!

I will show you some of the packing progress later! I ran out of time and must go back to work!!! Isn't it beautiful though!!!!