Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Random Moments

It's become very evident to me, that I don't get away enough and just spend time with the Lord. I used to do that all the time when I was at Windermere. I honestly loved doing it, so spontaneous and random at times. I would randomly just drive down to the boat dock and sit under the stars and sing worship music, best time ever. It was much easier at the time because its just wide open spaces everywhere. Yes it was wonderful, but just because I had a huge camp then doesn't mean, I can't find random places where I'm at now. So I have challenged myself to once a week just taking a little time and going away from everything and everyone. I want to just be with the Lord. It will be good and different instead of just sitting in my room and reading like normal. I think I have an idea for my first place just need to make sure its safe for me to go to by myself :) I found a cute little dock by one of our swimming pools, should be fun!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Park Day

While at home for my brother's wedding, I got to take my cousins to the park! In my small little town the park is pretty much all we have and they just put all new equipment in! It was way better then we ever had but i do admit I miss that mara-go-round (sp?). It was old but it was so much fun!! I took my camera when we decided to go and took a few pictures! I love those kids!!!They are so much fun!!

Logan and Keira checking out the new stuff.

Keira swinging! She loved it when I was taking pictures of her!

Logan sliding down the new slides. I tried to get all of him,
it just didn't end up that way. I thought it was cool anyways.

Logan didn't want to leave. He was having so much fun!!
I had alot of fun with them! They are just so stinkin fun and cute!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fishing on My Day Off

My post's that are coming up, are going to be out of order. I just wanted to do this one first lol. Be prepared for one on my brother's wedding and one from my park day with me cousins. Now back to this post, Monday after coming back from my brothers wedding I had a extra day off. My friend Megan was here because she went to the wedding with me and we decided to go

This is me fishing. Well my pole anyways. :) It was super fun!
Megan has several different ponds we could fish in, this was the best!
I caught a fish right away!!

This is him, little Nemo as I called him. I couldn't touch him!!
He was so slimy and I just couldn't!!! Megan kept trying to get me to put
my finger in his mouth to hold him but I just couldn't! Maybe next time! ;)

This is Megan holding my fish because I wouldn't! :) Poor guy,
he had to sit there for a while before i decided I didn't want to
touch him!!! lol

I loved the whole day and it really made me want to live in the country!!!
It just so much better in the country. You always have something
fun you can do and it just feels so much like a community!!! Fishing
was alot of fun, next thing I want to try...is hunting :)