Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10 Random Things About Me

I'm stealing this!!! Elise did this and I thought it looked super fun!! I also have not posted in a very long time. I love more looking at other people's blogs. I just love to read about how others think!!! Wait I have not even started yet and I'm already starting to list something!!! Here it goes:

1. I came to know the Lord at a church camp called the Wilds in NC. I actually knew of the Lord my whole life but I never completely made that decision until then. It was that best choice I have ever made!

Love that Summer!

2. I am extremely hard on myself. I believe I'm not good enough most of the time. It make it extremely hard to try new things because its automatically my thought process that, "I will be bad at it." It's something I'm working on with the Lord!!

3. It feels like I care about people sometimes too much! If that's even possible. When I'm in a friendship, I'm in. I tend to give all of me and that's how I believe I will be with my future husband (whom ever he might be) :)

4. I work at a Bank as a teller!!! Some days I love it and others I don't, which is pretty normal. I've meet some amazing people working there, made friendships that I would not change for anything!

5. I'm going back to school right now at Columbia College. As of now, I'm going for a Elementary Education major. I'm thinking about changing to Business but not completely set on that. I also have my Associates in General Ministry from CCCB.

6. I'm a huge hugger ( is that a word)!!! I absolutely love hugs and I feel very loved when I receive them. It is not my love language however, that is quality time.

7. I am a little obsessed with musicals. I love going to the Fox and watching them on a real stage! My favorite is Wicked, which i still don't think can be topped.

Going to see Wicked for the first time!!

8. If I could travel all of the world I would. Right now there are so many places I want to go and my list keeps getting longer. My first stop will probably be New York but on a grand scale, Ireland. I just love the Lowe's far to much not to see them for years. :)

9. My roommate owns a Savannah cat. They end up getting pretty big because they are originally from Africa! I'm pretty sure I will be eaten on day so pray for me!!

10. I want to have 5 kids. I would settle for 3. I just love kids so much and I love being around them. Best time I had was sitting with a little girl at church while the worship team practiced for Sunday! She and I sang the worship songs together and it was a wonderful time of worship. Kids are awesome.

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  1. I love your hugs and always looked for you at school everyday to get one! You will be an absolutely awesome wife and momma some day.