Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Esther 1

A lot has been going on lately in my life. I haven't exactly been spending time with the Lord the way I should be. I tell myself, I have a relationship with the Lord but a relationship means that you are spending time with someone. It means you are invested in them. I was reading Esther Chapter one tonight and I kind of saw it in a new way. Yes, I'm probably just getting what I am from it because of where I'm at but that's the greatness of the Lord. He speaks to us all differently. If you haven't read the chapter you should, but I will try and sum it up a little. The chapter is mostly about the King, "King Ahasuerus [Xerxes] ". It starts off just talking about his rain and he about how he was very powerful. He had a huge 7 day party and while he was having this party, his queen (Queen Vashti) was having one to (with the women). On the 6th night when the king was pretty well intoxicated he asked the the Queen be brought to him/ in front of everyone so they could see her beauty. She refused to do so. The king then has her killed because of her disobedience.

I read this and this is what I thought. In these past few weeks the Lord has been calling me to spend time with him and I've been to busy. I've been ignoring him because I have my own things. Right now, I'm going through some things and right now is the moment I need to be relying on him the most. So like the Queen being called by the King, God has been calling me to spend time with him. He wants to show me he loves me and wants me to be with him. The best part of my story is that God is so wonderful in his grace that he is not going to just get rid of me. I'm so glad that our God is the way he is. He hasn't left me this whole time and even tonight when I finally got over my own self....he was there waiting. I'm not saying we should always wait because he will always be there. I'm just saying unlike this unforgiving King, we have a forgiving one and we should not take that for granted.

I am exited to continue reading each chapter because I know he is going to keep showing me new things about himself. That's all he has been wanting to do this whole time! He's such an amazing God.

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