Sunday, November 28, 2010

Camdenton Branch

This past week I got the chance to work at my favorite branch, the Camdenton branch!! I was beyond excited when I got the news, that I would be sent there to help! A little background, I used to work at this branch last year. I got volunteered to go help out at the branch I am at now (Main Bank) because they needed help. At the end of that time I was there helping, they said, "well, we are keeping you." I was beyond crushed. I am pretty sure I cried the last day I worked at the camdenton branch. Sappy, I know but I was sad to go. Well anyways, I have random times where I get sent to the Camdenton branch now to help. It's usually only for one day at a time but I was blessed with getting to go for a whole week!!!

I had a whole week of drama free work! Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy working at the main bank its just hard. This whole week while being at the camdenton branch, If I was tired or mentally drained it was because of work. Ok... let me explain that a little better for you. Normally i feel beyond drained mentally because of drama, this was however not the case this week. I was just simply tired because of work itself, which is way better!! It was absolutely wonderful and I love everyone I work with there!

They were putting up Christmas Decorations while I was there and it reminded me of last year when I was there. I took some pictures and I thought I would share. Sorry they are not from this year but still they are good memories!

It's so fun we even get to decorate a tree!! Well this is all happening the day after thanksgiving while most everyone is doing the black Friday shopping. Black Friday shopping equals no one coming into the bank :)

I love the Girls who work there very much, they are all like sisters to me! It honestly doesn't feel too much like working, I mean we are!! promise!! It's just a good environment to be in, where you enjoy working with each other. One of my favorite people is Megan Brenner! She has such a big heart and she is such an encouragement to me!!

Okay one of the best parts of being in camdenton the whole week was seeing my family. Recently part of my family moved there and I got to have lunch with them every day!!! I love them oh so much and they were all alot of fun!! It made my lunch hour wonderful everyday!!!

see they are beyond fun!! :) I love them!!

So I will leave you with these pictures that will explain why I love working at this branch...

Yup they are awesome!!

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