Friday, December 3, 2010


I'm moving! Well sort of moving...moving from my apartment into a actual house. So I guess that really is moving, its just not my own house I'm moving into. My roommate that I'm living with now just bought a house! I will be paying her rent like I already did only living in a house!!! I am so beyond excited about this!!! The back yard alone is amazing and allows me to walk around at night and look at the stars! It's really a must for me because I LOVE stars. The Lord has definitely blessed me with be able to live there. I am truly blessed to have a friend and roommate that loves the Lord!! I love her very much!!!

Okay so back to the house and packing... here are some pictures of the house!

I will show you some of the packing progress later! I ran out of time and must go back to work!!! Isn't it beautiful though!!!!

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  1. That house is sooo cute...Love It! =) I can't wait to come hangout over there with you guys when you get all moved in! =)