Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Working Out

I used to be so motivated and at times I still can be. I don't know if its because it cold or what...i just don't have any motivation. I need someone telling me everyday, "You need to workout." I worked out last week two days straight, 4 miles total I ran. Now its a new week and I have yet to go to the gym. I want to and plan to most days but then something always gets in the way. Any suggestions?

One thing I have been working on is not drinking soda. I have actually been accomplished this (sort of:)! The first week was hard. I honestly just was not used to not drinking it. My response to most situations is to get a soda instead of water. I must admit, I did cheat one day...but it was on accident!!!I went into subway after i got off work to get a icee. I love icee's! They are my absolute favorite. I normally just get a coke one when i order so that's what i did. I didn't even think anything about it until i arrived at the Christmas party, i was going to. One of the girls said of a coke icee, "I love those but i am not drinking soda." I go, "What...OH CRAP!" :) This did happen a few other times but i caught myself before purchasing the soda. I hope you enjoy this story Jessie! I can already hear you saying, "Oh silly Kayla." :) Well anyways, if anyone has any tips on how to keep me motivated, I would love to hear them!

I think i need a icee maker for Christmas...look how good it looks!! :)


  1. hahahahahhahaha i did think that. i miss you friend!

  2. im trying to get away from soda too! :)

  3. Good thing I noticed your icee had soda in it...I didn't even know you were trying to stop drinking soda again! I have been doing really good...I tried to figure it up the other day...I think its been about 3 weeks with no soda now! Its been really hard though...especially when everyone around me is drinking it. And I went grocery shopping for my mom the other day and had to buy soda for my little brothers and let me tell you I really wanted to drink some of that! I keep telling myself that I have been doing so good and don't want to have to start all over again!

    I know what you mean about motivation. I was trying to run a mile everyday, but now that its cold I have nowhere to run. And not just motivation with working out...motivation to do anything...I am so lazy lately! So sorry but I don't have any advice...I need to be taking it not giving

  4. Well you need to move here and get a gym membership. We could just be motivated together!