Saturday, April 14, 2012

God's "Little" Reminders

This week has not been the best of weeks but God has been putting random reminders in, to show me he loves me. My car that I took in to be fixed, I had to take back in to be fixed. My hot water heater decided to go out at home also. Nothing like working out to Jillian Michaels, then to turn around and find out you don't have hot water. Its a good thing after one of those workouts that all you need is COLD water. :) To top it all off on the way to Kansas to see a friend Megan Brenner, my car starts to act up again. I was pretty much devastated when this happened because I had to turn around and come home. Not going to lie, all these little things keep adding up, it "el stinkoes" (sp? Spanish class is doing wonders for me right?) and I really don't feel like being positive right now. However God's little reminders this week, from his word and others have made it bearable. He is always showing me that he is in control and I don't need to worry.

Watch this video and then, it will explain the story that will follow.

So I may be a baby when I'm fishing...I promise one day I will take a fish off a hook! 
Thanks Heather for being Amazing and taking the fish off before it Died!

I walk in on Thursday this week to find my desk at work, decorated with the most amazing surprise!! It seriously made my day and made a very appropriate blog post, Thanks Lori Sybert!

1. My Desk was decorated with Fishing memorabilia.
2. This is the back of my Desk which is just as sweet as the front!
3. The most awesome sign ever! Yes it is making fun of my height but that's okay. It says,"You must be at least this tall to work here." :)
4. The Glove is perfect, it will help me conquer my fear of touching the fish!

5. How about a "little" coke while you fish! Making fun of my height and last name...
6. My new fish Peggy Sue! She has managed to survive still three days later! She is a trooper!
7. Notebook, which will be very handy in the office.
8. My tackle kit, which is pretty sweet !!
9. Front of tackle kit.

Best Day at the Office Ever! Thanks Lori!! She even wrote me a poem, I will post this in a different post!
Thank you Lord for blessing me with random moments like this to help get me through this annoying week! I'm looking forward to new blessing from you! Best Dad Ever!

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