Monday, April 16, 2012


Here is the poem that came along with my desk full of awesome fishing supplies. It pretty much made my day! I love the people I work with, they make me days so much fun,!  Yes there are days when I don't want to be at work and am completely unmotivated to work, but my awesome co-workers make those days so much easier! Here it is:

There is so "Little" that Kayla can not do.
She does all the small things in the office,
And takes care of Kathy and Dr. Keeney too.

She answers the phone
when it rings continually.
She puts up with Sam and Brian
Who harass her daily.

She answers questions at th counter,
And helps students feel at ease.
But when it comes to free time
She runs for her tackel box as quickly as you please!

She grabs her shiny, fishing pole,
Then has Heather bait her hook.
She sits and quietly waits,
Till a fish her way does look.

The fish tugs on her line,
As it tries to eat her worm.
Then she quickly jerks her pole,
With a grip that's very firm!

After the fish is on her line,
She looks at it and starts to wine.
What will I do, she softly states,
I can't take if off, my worm it just ate!!

So her true friend Heather helps her out,
She doesn't like to see Kayla pout.

A day of fishing is so much fun,
When all you have to do,
Is try to catch the big one.

I hope with our gift,
You can be sure
That you are capable of removing
Even the trickiest lure

Have fun pondering life
As you sit and fish,
And think of all your friends
Waiting to fulfill your every wish.

Thanks so much Lori Sybert!!! I LOVED this so much!
Don't Judge, my socks rock and so do my boots.
My fishing skills.... not so much :)

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